Parquet 'Herringbone' in NZ Oak
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We offer an attractive range of solid timber planks and patterned parquet flooring. These can be laid over

concrete, particle board or joists. The authentic natural look and solid feel of real timber brings warmth,

comfort and character into the interior. Solid timber performs very well as flooring and bench tops. As with

antiques, the knocks and wear of living improves the appearance over time. We can also install and finish the

floor for you. Supply and installation is nationwide.


We specialize in New Zealand grown timber and a few select imports. Our timber range includes classic

timbers such as Native Beech, Rimu, Miro, Matai, NZ hard oak, NZ hard ash, NZ grown Eucalypt

hardwoods (Blue gum, Ash eucalypt, Jarrah). We offer advice on the products that perform best for a given



Timber is a natural product. It will exhibit a range of natural features such as knots, cracks, and grain variation.

Our normal grade (OB- Ordinary Board Grade timber) will contain some of these features but they do not impair performance

of the timber, only add to the character of your floor. In some timbers, a premium can be paid for a dressing A

(DA) grade, which contains mostly clear wood.


Timber naturally absorbs moisture which swells its size. We kiln dry the timber so that its moisture content is

similar to indoor humidity. However, it quickly reverts to the atmospheric humidity, which swells or shrinks the

timber. Often timber shrinks a little over time as the humidity during building is higher than when the house is

being lived in, with heating and closed doors. This is all part of the real timber look. We try to avoid installing

floors in a damp environment by installing towards the end of the building process, and also testing for moisture

levels in the substrate and if necessary, laying a moisture barrier between the concrete pad and the floor. The

cost of this is specified in your quote.


Solid timber is a natural and healthy building material. In addition to polyurethane finish you may wish to

consider either waterbased polyurethane or our range of flooring oils, varnishes and waxes made from

natural ingredients. Please see our section on finishes for timber floors.


You receive a guarantee on the timber & workmanship. We follow NZ Standards Specifications for timber

and timber flooring. We have had over 10 years successful experience with timber and installing timber

floors. We often install into wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. Besides the many we have installed,

there are many earlier examples of solid T&G Flooring in good condition after decades of use.

We usually direct stick to concrete or particle board. Solid timber floors have the advantage over floating

floors of being firmly fixed to the substrate, which gives a solid feel which is quiet to walk on. Over concrete

we fix the timber with a rubbery glue which provides a slight give. Most substrates are not perfectly level and

there may be occasional hollow sounding areas where the timber bridges hollows or bumps. Traditional floors

are hollow underneath between the joists which gives a slight spring in your step and a more hollow sound.