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Macrocarpa Heart Is a Naturally Long-Lasting Wood That Provides More Than Just Durability

Macrocarpa is part of the Cypress family, renown for producing timber of high quality, particularly the stability and durability characteristics.
The heartwood is naturally durable, and consistent in colour and density, all of which make it an excellent choice for exterior use where aesthetics and performance are required.

  • NChemical Free
  • NIdeal for Exterior Use
  • NLocally Manufactured
  • NCost-Effective
  • NSustainable

“ We have supplied Macrocarpa cladding to architects, builders and homeowners for over 25 years.”


Exterior & Interior Macrocarpa Timber, Christchurch

USES: Exterior Cladding, Skirting Boards, Decking, Wall and Ceiling Panelling

Research has affirmed that Macrocarpa is an outstanding material for exterior cladding, decking, joinery and other external applications where durability and stability are paramount.


Macrocarpa heartwood displays a distinctive pale straw colour, while the sapwood is lighter. It produces a higher proportion of heartwood to sapwood than most tree species, and in a short time frame. The clear grade of Macrocarpa is often compared to the aesthetic and functionality of native Kauri, as they are both similar in colour and feature a unique speckled cross grain. Both are durable, stable and easily worked.


Cupressus macrocarpa is a coniferous Cypress tree native to California. Though planted in a number of countries, Macrocarpa is unique to New Zealand as a timber used in sizeable volumes. The seed was brought to New Zealand by 1860s Californian gold-miners where it flourished on moist fertile farmland, particularly in the South Island. Macrocarpa is planted extensively on farms for shelter belts, small woodlots and in commercial plantations.
We are careful to select trees that are 40 to 130 years old to ensure a high proportion of heartwood.
Macrocarpa is a New Zealand timber that has become an integral part of the rural scenery and architecture of our beautiful country.




We are committed to sustainable timber supply. Our Macrocarpa is sourced from farm woodlots and commercial plantations in New Zealand’s South Island. Harvest proceeds to forest owners are often utilised to maintain fencing, including around waterways, riparian planting and pest control. Most woodlots are also replanted, making Macrocarpa a sustainable timber choice.

Along with many of our other timber options, Macrocarpa is grown locally, right here in New Zealand. This means a short supply chain from forest to building site, and a much smaller carbon footprint than imported timber products. In fact, Macrocarpa timber stores about 50 times more carbon than it takes to produce.


There are a number of critical steps to ensure high performance from timber, including Macrocarpa. The timber must be properly air dried over a period of months or even years. For exterior use, the selected timber must also be heartwood only, this is the part of the tree that contains durable timber.

Since 1996, Timbers of New Zealand have been supplying quality Macrocarpa products for a range of external and internal uses.


Over the course of many years, New Zealand’s Scion (ex-Forest Research Institute) has conducted extensive research into the cultivation and utilisation of Macrocarpa. For specific purposes, it has been crossbred with other cypress species. Thanks to the unparalleled success of Macrocarpa, NZ Farm Forestry Assoc. hosts a dynamic Cypress Development Group.

Research has shown that Macrocarpa Heart is an outstanding material for exterior cladding, decking, joinery and other external applications where durability and stability are paramount.

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