Durable Natural Timber Cladding

Our timber cladding works with all architectural designs, is warm, environmentally friendly, low maintenance, durable and cost-competitive.

We offer you a fantastic selection of premium cladding timbers. These will ensure that your house is beautiful, warm, healthy and energy efficient: giving you the satisfaction of living with the wonderful benefits of environmentally friendly New Zealand wood.
  • NHIGH-PERFORMANCE NZ weatherboard timber at a cheaper price than imports
  • NASSURANCE that your weatherboard cladding will stand the test of time
  • NKNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE to assist you choose the right timber for your desired look and budget
  • NSATISFACTION of living in a sustainably harvested, natural weatherboard building that stores a significant amount of atmospheric carbon
  • NPRESERVATIVE FREE wooden weatherboards compatible with healthy living
  • NBEAUTIFUL weathertight weatherboards
“ We have supplied timber cladding to the same architects for over 20 years.”


Unique Range of Cladding Timber

Our selection of specialist NZ weatherboard timbers includes: NZ Larch, NZ Cedar, Redwood, Macrocarpa, Lawson Cypress, NZ Oregon and Pine.
In addition, we also offer a selection of imported timbers including:
Western Red Cedar and Siberian Larch.
Western Red Cedar Clear- NZ
Canadian Western Cedar
Clear Grade
Western Red Cedar Tight Knots Cladding Timbers of New Zealand
Canadian Western Cedar
Tight Knot Grade
Redwood Clear Cadding - Timbers of New Zealand
NZ Larch Dressing Grade-claddingTimbers of New Zealand
NZ Larch
Dressing Grade
NZ Macrocarpa
Clear Grade
NZ Macrocarpa
Tight Knot Grade
Siberian Larch NZ
Siberian Larch
Tight Knot Grade
spotted gum cladding
Spotted Gum
Premium Grade​
Blackbutt Weatherboard Cladding
Feature Grade​
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Download our Full Selection/Comparison Price Guide to choose the right timber to suit your personal taste and budget.


Choose The Right Timber, Profile & Treatment

Our weatherboard timbers will ensure your design project will be stylish,
functional and integrate well with all your architectural elements.

Your desired look and architectural style can be achieved by our fabulous selection of weatherboard profiles.

You might like the traditional horizontal bevel back with its shadow lined profile adding ‘bulk’ to the exterior wall. Alternatively, you might like the sleek minimalistic elegance of one of our narrow negative detail vertical profiles. We can machine the timber boards into any profile upon your request…

Our timbers can be supplied pre-coated with an oil stain colour, pre-primed with an acrylic paint or be left to weather naturally, blending in with your landscape or they can be coated with an anti- UV clear finish that retains their natural colour.

Did you know?

Timber weatherboard is at the heart of our building tradition. We supply cladding made from NZ timber established for this purpose over 100 years ago. We can tell you where your cladding timber was grown and you will be supporting the local economy.

Being lightweight, flexible and durable, wooden cladding withstood the forces of the recent Canterbury earthquakes. The weather tightness of durable weatherboard and it’s overlapping profile avoids the potential of a leaky home, while the intrinsic ‘breathable’’ nature of natural wood helps to minimise problems due to poor ventilation.

Timber is an excellent natural insulator, making for a warm, energy-efficient home.
Researchers at Lincoln University have proven that wood holds two and half times the heat by volume than is held by concrete.

Talk To Our Timber Experts

We can assist you to select a cladding and installation method that meets the building code, is easy to install, very cost effective and is guaranteed to stand the test of time.
  • NWe understand the essence of natural timber and how to enhance it with beautiful finishes.
  • N We can tell you where the wood for your house was grown, where it was milled and dried.
  • NLet us show you the various profiles and share our knowledge on cladding surface treatments.
Download our guide for ESSENTIAL information
on weatherboard cladding.
  • 5WHAT to consider when choosing timber cladding?
  • 5A NATURAL timber finish or PAINTED weatherboards?
  • 5HOW to retain the natural colour of timber weatherboards?
  • 5Can you install unfinished wooden weatherboard?
  • 5Weatherboard PROFILES