Timber Flooring

Experience the warmth, colour and texture of real timber flooring.

We are proud to introduce our selection of beautiful timber floors.

With 28 years of producing and installing timber flooring, our team have valuable experience in providing professional advice to our clients.

Our distinctive timber floors are hard, stable and durable, and are perfectly suited to all architectural schemes.

“Our timber floors are good for your health and the environment”.

A Comprehensive Selection of Flooring Timbers

NZ Native Timbers    NZ Hardwoods    Australian Hardwoods    Northern Hardwoods    Engineered Hardwoods    Parquet    Economy Range

NZ Native Timbers

The heart of our built heritage

Native timber flooring from New Zealand’s indigenous forests.

Naturally figured wood in light to mid colours imbued with exquisite aromas that permeate the space. These are even textured woods that sand to a silken finish.

Our native timbers produce some of the most sublime flooring in the world.


Native Beeches: Black, Hard, Red & Silver
Matai & Miro
Rimu: New and Recycled

NZ indigenous forests are strictly sustainably managed.

New Zealand Solid

New Zealand has excellent growing conditions for exotic tree species. Many hardwoods, such as Oak, grow harder and denser here than in their native Europe. Grown with foresight and perseverance by New Zealand farm foresters.


NZ grown Hardwoods:
Hard Oak, Elm, Ash & Blackwood.

Northern Hardwoods

A selection of classic solid hardwood timbers imported from Europe and North America.


American White Oak & Ash, French & European Oak, Rock Maple, Walnut & Larch*

* Classified as a conifer

Australian Hardwoods

Classic or contemporary, pitch perfect for the modern interior

Includes some of the world’s hardest and most durable timbers.

Attractive straight interlocked grain with some fiddle back and red vein provides a more plainer finish compared to NZ natives.


White Stringybark, Spotted Gum, Brushbox, Jarrah, Ironbark, Blue Gum & Tasmanian Oak.

Natural colours range from honey to blush, light to dark in modern low sheen finishes.

Solid and Engineered. New and Recycled.

Often used in high traffic areas.

Solid wood complimentary stairs, benchtops, decking & joinery.

European Oak Engineered Flooring Matt Lacquer Finish

Durable, maintenance free yet natural looking matt sheen. Either a seven coat German lacquer available in a range of styles and colours or UV cured hardwax oil finished here in New Zealand. Colours and style range from our hand planed Barnfloor Brown finish in rustic grade to lightly wire brushed satin matt light coloured Willow Bay board in premium grade.


Fernie, Nordic, Harbour Grey, Willow Bay, Sepia, Oak Country, Loggia, Grey, Earth Grey, New Fawn, Bob’s Cove, Banjo, Dover, Traverse, Vintage, Antique, Farmhouse, Barnfloor Brown, Carob, Newcastle, Hampden, Oakham, Norwich, Derby.

European Oak Engineered Flooring Hardwax-Oil Finish

Pick the colourfast stain, the texture, board width and length that suits you. We custom finish for you here in New Zealand with either a durable hardwax-oil or a UV cured finish.


Parchment, Cascade Beige, Raw, Nomad, Weka,Salter Stone, Dusky Taupe, Beachcomber, Dover Grey, Keystone, Prairie, Tawny, Barrel Brown, Old Malt, Woodlands, Chicory, Deep Earth, Woodwork & Unfinished.

Parquet Flooring

Once experienced, the timeless elegance of a parquet floor cannot be forgotten

Parquet flooring is experiencing a modern-day renaissance here and in Europe.

Timeless beauty, careful production and expert installation.


Available in the Hardwood and Native range, in solid and engineered options.

Classical European rhythmic patterns that are pleasing to the eye. Herringbone, Chevron, Chantilly and Versailles.

Economy Range

The beauty and benefits of real timber flooring on a tight budget.

Inspiration for our clients wanting real timber on a tight budget. The total difference in price is often relatively small between one of our economic real wooden flooring options and an artificial product such as laminate flooring. In addition the cost of preparation and installation of an engineered timber and an imitation timber floor are similar. In some cases local solid wooden flooring requiring less manufacturing and freight is priced similar to laminate with the cost of finishing being the difference. So it’s worth contacting us about our ‘economy’ options.

We have some solid and engineered options that are always normally lower priced. We also have changing end of line and small lot sale options.


Includes engineered Hard Oak in contemporary light natural finishes.

Larch solid wood flooring

We do our best to keep supply and installation costs at a reasonable level.

We Specialize in Both SOLID and ENGINEERED Timber Floors.

Solid timber flooring is made from single solid boards sawn directly from the log.

Solid flooring is wooden flooring in its most authentic, enduring and highly regarded form.

Engineered timber flooring is factory-made with a high-quality top layer of wood, glued onto a ply layer of lower value wood.

Our Engineered floors have high-quality specialist factory finishes and stains. Ply construction enables stable wide boards which boost the sense of scale in open spaces Laminate and vinyl flooring only imitate timber flooring; consider our ‘Young and Inspired Range’ for real timber flooring that suits a modest budget.

Laminate and vinyl flooring only imitate timber flooring; consider our ‘Young and Inspired Range’ for real timber flooring that suits a modest budget.

Features of our timber flooring

  • NThe density of the timbers we use ensures that our floors are hard wearing.
  • NOur flooring is produced from stable timber species, very slowly dried and expertly machined. Seasonal movement is natural and part of the look and experience of an authentic timber floor.
  • NPerforms well in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • NSuitable for heavy traffic areas such as public spaces and commercial interiors.
  • NAvailable in various finishes – including wirebrushed, handscrapped, sawn, aged and recycled.
  • NAvailable in a functional array of colours – natural, grey & dark stain, whitewash and other lightened non-yellowing finishes.

Talk To Our Timber Flooring Experts

We can assist your decision-making process and help you select a timber floor and finish that complies with your taste, expectations and budget.
  • NWe understand the essence of natural timber and how to enhance it with beautiful finishes.
  • NWe can tell you where the wood for your home was grown, sawmilled and processed.
  • NLet us show you the various timber species and board sizes and share our knowledge on timber floors.
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